Hampton Inn Hotel in Cancun – Opinion and Review

Hampton Inn Cumbres Cancun Hotel

Not all hotels in Cancun are beachfront. A good amount of them are located in downtown Cancun. And a handful of hotels have been sprouting here and there, in the suburbs of Cancun. Today I’d like to talk about one of them: the Hampton Inn in the Cumbres area, in Cancun.

Quite new, this hotel is just 5 or 6 years old, with the modern design that all the Hampton Inn in the world have. It has a small pool, a decent sized restaurant with minimal menu for lunch and dinner. Breakfast is usually included in your rental, and is served in this restaurant. By the way, it is quite good, for being a free buffet and all.

The rooms in the Hampton Inn Hotel in Cumbres, Cancun, are unimpressive but quite clean, with nice comfortable beds, sparkling bathroom and beautiful views to the surrounding plaza. Because it is located right inside a shopping plaza! It is adjacent to one of Cancun’s best and most upscale neighborhoods, and right across the hotel there are all kinds of restaurants: sushi, Italian, Brazilian, Mexican and even a TGI Friday! A movie theatre, a couple of spas, a supermarket and even a Starbucks are just steps away from the lobby of the Hampton Inn. So you can’t ask for a better location (well, yes, you could: by the ocean, but that’s not the case here).

Hampton Inn Cumbres Cancun Hotel

Going anywhere in Cancun from the Hampton Inn is a piece of cake: there are taxis waiting right outside the hotel, and public transportation buses and “combis” stop just 100 feet from it. And because it is not on the main hotel stretch, you can call an Uber without fear of being harrassed by the hotel zone taxi drivers.

Prices for the night for two people run around $85USD, which is quite expensive for not being near the ocean but a good 20 minute ride from it. But if you are in town for business or visiting family, or hey, if the beach is not your thing, you’ll love staying at this hotel.

For its good features: its great location in the suburbs and its clealiness, but taking into consideration it being pricey and not oceanfront, we give the Hampton Inn in Cancun a four star rating.