Hard Rock Hotel in Cancun: Honest Review

hard rock hotel in Cancun

With a brand name like Hard Rock, it’s hard (yes, pun intended) to go wrong. This hotel is one of the newest in Cancun, and I mean really “NEW”, not just one of the many that change names every year in the city. It was built right before our eyes in the last couple of years. So, if you choose to book the Hard Rock Hotel in Cancun, you won’t run into any “oh, this pipe burst” type of issues.

It’s a magnificent place with modern, vibrant architecture, located right on the blue waters of Cancun. Furthermore, it’s situated on one of the best stretches of sand in the entire Cancun Hotel Zone, guaranteeing guests the whitest sand, clearest waters, and smallest waves in the area.

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The hotel boasts two amazing pools for general guests, plus smaller private pools in each suite. And if being submerged in non-ocean water is your thing, you’re guaranteed a private place to soak, as every room in the Hard Rock Hotel has a jacuzzi or at least a big tub.

Which brings us to the rooms. Ah, the rooms! Unfortunately, they’re the Achilles’ heel of the Hard Rock Hotel in Cancun. Though modern, well-decorated, and pristine, they’re quite small. The hotel builders tried to maximize the space available, resulting in a myriad of too-small rooms where you’re basically bumping into your partner. Add to that the large tubs in the middle of the room (which, as you can see, is not always a good thing), and you end up feeling a little crammed. (the following image is from its largest, Deluxe Platinum room, which is, by all means, not crowded)

hard rock hotel in cancun

But enough about the lack of space in the hotel’s bedrooms. Let’s talk about its wide-open spaces: the crystal-clear pools overlooking the ocean, the expansive strip of sand right at your fingertips, and the oversized Vegas-style lobby. In general, the places where you’d be able to breathe clean air… Yet, unless you go to the Hard Rock Hotel during the lowest travel season, you’ll find yourself surrounded by people everywhere you turn. Seriously, it’s maddening. The pools are overfilled, the restaurants have long lines mainly during breakfast hours, and the lobby is brimming with humans. Paradoxically, the emptiest area is the beach, which I guess is the most redeeming quality of the hotel. That, and the food, which is quite good. The drinks are a tad watered down, but the food is amazing! And plentiful!

So, without further ado, let’s rate the Hard Rock Hotel in Cancun. For its great location, the excellent effort put in by its employees, and the good quality and quantity of food, this hotel deserves a good rating. However, for the small size of its rooms, its overcrowded facilities, and the not-so-good drinks (which are included, since this is an All-Inclusive Cancun Hotel), I must rate the Hard Rock Hotel in Cancun a mere 3 stars. Shame, since it had so much potential!

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