Starbucks in Cancun

Cancun has over a dozen Starbucks scattered throughout the city. All exactly like your beloved at-home-Starbucks.
The menu is exactly the same; the flavor of the coffees and miscellaneous items in it is exactly like the ones you’re used to. And good news: the prices are lower! (Except at the Cancun International Airport, where Starbucks prices reflect the American standard and not Mexico’s prices). Staff at all Starbucks across Cancun are extremely friendly, they always offer a smile and try to remember your name. They certainly will make you feel at home.

My favorite Starbucks is the one on Huayacan avenue. During the daytime it’s the least busy, and I love sitting there armed with a Frappuccino and my laptop.

Starting at 5pm, all these coffee shops get packed to the brim, with lots of teenagers crowding its tables and little kids accompanying their parents after their afternoon lessons. If you’re looking for a peaceful environment, avoid Starbucks in the evenings, but rest assured that these crowds are polite and mindful of the people around them, and you will never, ever, encounter rowdy teens or nasty people at a Starbucks in Cancun. The people here are extremely polite and these beloved coffee shops are frequented exclusively by well-off people and professionals.

Thanks yo the wonderful albeit hot Cancun weather, all the Starbucks in town have both indorr and outdoor seating. Most have drive-throughs in case you are in a hurry, and if you are craving a good coffee cup but can’t leave yoir hotel room, Uber Eats , Rappi and Didi delivery platforms offer pickup service at every Starbucks in Cancun.

For its delicious coffees and baguettes, for the friendly staff and reasonable prices, I give Starbucks in Cancun an enthusiastic five star rating.