Coco Bongo Disco in Cancun – Opinion and Review

Coco Bongo Cancun

Ah, Coco Bongo! By far, the best disco in Cancun!

Let me start out by saying that I am not a big disco goer. My scene is much calmer. But Coco Bongo is not your run of the mill disco. This full fledged discoteque is located in the heart of the Cancun Hotel Zone. Coco Bongo also has branches in other cities of Mexico, but hey, this is a Cancun Opinion website, so let’s concentrate on OUR Coco Bongo.

The place is impossible to miss. It is smack in the middle of the strip, it has a gigantic electric guitar right in front and several “statues” of characters like The Mask, Superman, or Batman, depending on the season.

Step inside Coco Bongo Cancun and you are instantly dwarfed, it is that big! It features three levels of sitting, with a gigantic scenery in front, where the main show will take place, in addition to several dancing areas.

Coco Bongo Cancun

The show changes a couple of times a year, so I won’t give any specifics as to the shows that I’ve had the pleasure of watching, suffice to say they are all amazing! Whoever is in charge of choreography and music in this place, really knows what they’re doing. The shows all include electrifying music, acrobatics, air-dancing, swings, the best professional dancers in the area and a DJ that knows how to keep the crowd going after the show is over.

Speaking of crowds: yes, the place gets full, there isn’t much space to move around despite its dimensions, but somehow there’s always plenty of space on the dance floors.

The drinks (after all, that’s why you’re here, right?): good, with plenty of alcohol, and yes, the prices reflect the place: they are expensive. You have, though, the option of buying one of their all-you-can-drink packages, which includes lots and lots of booze. All packages include drinks, some basic, some premium. If you get their VIP package, not only will you get lots of alcohol, but you have your own personal buttler who will constantly bring you new drinks. Quick tip: If there’s a local person in your party, then you have the option of buying the Local Package which is priced in Mexican pesos, and includes a bottle of your choice of liquor plus a few soft drinks.
For those of you looking to eat in, Coco Bongo Cancun also offer dine-in, with a limited menu of cold and hot dishes.

Most hotels sell prepaid tickets to Coco Bongo, but your best bet is to buy directly at the disco’s entrance, which will save you the hotel commission.

On to my rating now:

For its great performance, always varied shows, decent staff and good drinks, I rate Coco Bongo Cancun with a whopping five stars!