House for Sale in Cancun inside Residencial Cumbres

This is not exactly a real estate blog about properties for sale in Cancun. Au contraire! This is a blog about coming to Cancun on vacation to do what tourists do: rent a hotel room, go on tours, go to the beach, and a long etcetera. But from time to time, one of those tourists comes to Cancun and falls in love with this beautiful beach paradise. And that is when the search for a house to buy begins.

And I’m here to help! No, I am not a real estate agent but I have lived in Cancun for 20 years, I know the area inside and out, and I speak the language, so I can give you all the insight you need about buying a worthy house in Cancun, for free of course. Shall we begin?

Let us start by featuring an amazingly beautiful yet fairly priced house for sale in Cancun.

This property is located in one of the safest, most idilic housing developments in town: Residencial Cumbres. It features 4 ample bedrooms (including a double sized master), five bathrooms, a huge pool with its own slide, an enormous kitchen over 23 feet long, ample garden with fruit trees, maids quarters, laundry room, lots of storage, and my personal favorite: a big terrace overlooking a peaceful green area and a quiet street.
The price? Just 16 million pesos, or approximately $950,000 USD. Honestly you won’t find half a house like this in the States for this price.

The house was built by an American family following Florida construction code, and that’s something that you just won’t find anywhere else in Cancun. This is a house built to last, to enjoy, to be happy and safe in.

Because of its beauty, its ample size, its unbeatable location and its quality of craftmanship, I rate this house an enthusiastic 5 stars!

How about I show you some pictures now, and if you are interested, you can contact the owner directly at her email address:

house for sale in Cancun